The right CBD Hemp oil dosage

Consume or have ever consumed cannabis in their lives, according to studies and research conducted by the ONU is one of the herbs most consumed worldwide is estimated that approximately 3% of the world’s population consume . As the time has elapsed, several studies have been carried out concerning this plant and it has been determined that it can have both harmful and medicinal effects, as in the case of CBD Hemp oil dosage.

cbd hemp oil dosage for anxiety

The above is because the cannabis plant is an herb that has a series of compounds that some are useful at the medicinal level and another can be used recreationally but can be very harmful, among the compounds that can be used in the form of this medicine Cannabinoids such as cannabidiol; It is important to mention that according to the studies that have been carried out this powerful plant in its medicinal form serves for treatment and therapy of several diseases.

It is also important to mention that in the market there are a great variety of brands and presentations through which you can find CBD, one of the most used, most effective and that offered better results is the product known as Pure CBD.

What is the right CBD Hemp oil dosage

When choosing CBD Hemp oil dosage it is necessary to take into account that a great number of people. That tend to be more sensitive than others so it is necessary that these people consult with a specialist the recommended doses. Since being sensitive may have reactions Allergic and even have a similar effect to Thc, since during the digestion process it is possible that a small part of CBD is transformed in Thc.

The oil of CBD at the time of being consumed another fact that must be taken another factor to be taken into account is the purity of the liquid since depending on the way in which some products have been prepared may have a higher degree of concentration than others. This is very important because there are several ways to prepare it as is the case when it is prepared with olive oil and in which it is prepared with pure ethyl alcohol. When prepared with olive oil can have a concentration of 30% at 60% of CBD but when it is prepared with pure ethyl alcohol the concentration can reach up to 90% of CBD.

It is also recommended that before setting a fixed dose, start testing with a dose per day of half a teaspoon, in order to see how your body reacts and progress to find the right dose, there are people who consume 2 doses daily, but everything It depends on each person, it is also important that before taking any dose review the description of the products, see the composition and concentration of CBD and also check the prescription exactly this is done because according to each product the CBD Hemp oil dosage can to change.

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