Lose weight with the new Beverly Hills diet plan

The original Beverly Hills diet was published in 1981 and is considered by many to be the first fad diet. After losing more than 70 pounds on the original Beverly Hills diet, Judy Mazel the creator of this diet passed away at 63 years of age due to peripheral vascular disease.

The original diet had an initial phase that lasted 42 days and was based mostly around fruit. The New Beverly Hills Diet is less extreme than its founder and it meets the recommended requirements having a balanced, wholesome daily nutritious diet.

You can lose 6 to 12 pounds while following this diet during the first 35 days of this program. Same as with the original Beverly Hills diet, it is based on the concept “conscious food combining”. Mazel states that weight gain is not caused by how much or what we eat but when and how we combine our foods. The author claims that poor food combinations lead to weight gain because of difficulty digesting the foods consumed.

Rules for following the Beverly Hills diet

The main rules for combining foods according to this diet plan are the following: proteins can be combined with fats, carbohydrates can be eaten with fats, fruits must be consumed alone and champagne goes with everything.

Everyday for breakfast you will eat fruits, you can eat as much fruit as you like but only one type of fruit, not a variety. You will need to wait one hour after eating your fruit to change to another fruit, etc. To eat other foods besides fruits, you will have to wait 2 hours after eating fruit. There are pre-established days within the 35-day diet plan that you will only eat fruit all day long and no other types of food.

Once you have eaten your main meal based on either proteins with fats or carbohydrates with fats, you cannot eat fruit for the rest of the day. If you had a lunch based on carbohydrates with fats, you can munch on all the carbohydrates you wish until it is time for your dinner based on protein with fats. Once this meal is consumed, you are only allowed snacks that are 80% protein or more.

The diet is quite flexible to allow one free meal a day, if desired that combines carbohydrates and proteins. But the rule of thumb is after combining these foods you can only eat foods that are 80% protein and up.

Recommended foods on the Beverly Hills diet

Fruits make up the base of this diet plan, for example it is believed that papaya helps to soften the fat found on the body. Plus pineapple and watermelon help to eliminate our unwanted fat.

Exercise is not required on this diet, however, Mazel recommends exercising because of the overall benefits for our cardiovascular health and emotional benefits.

Some advantages of the Beverly Hills diet

Some advantages of the Beverly Hills diet:

  • Encourages eating fruits and vegetables
  • It is an ideal diet for fruit lovers
  • Meal preparation simple and quick
  • There is no need to control your portion sizes or count your calories
  • There are no restricted foods

Some disadvantages of the Beverly Hills diet:

  • The plan includes several days that you are only allowed to eat fruit
  • Some of the tropical fruits included on the list can be almost impossible to find in all areas or more expensive due to importing costs
  • The initial phase is very low in calories, deficient in nutrients, plus it is extremely deficient in proteins, fats and essential minerals.
  • It includes many rules that can be overwhelming, also it requires you to write down everything you eat and the time consumed.
  • The combining food method has not been proven to promote weight loss
  • The diet plan has not been established in nutritional research
  • It does not encourage exercising


The reason for weight loss on this diet is primarily due to the fact of the strict low-caloric intake, instead of fat burning attributions believed to have certain fruits or by combining certain foods. This diet is a little more balanced than the original Beverly Hills diet, as it does include proteins from an animal source. The original diet only allowed fruit for the first ten days.

However, even though the new Beverly Hills diet is low in calories it is also low in proteins, which places those following this diet at risk of losing muscle mass. Resulting in in slowing your metabolism, which most likely will lead to regaining all of the weight lost when returning to your original eating habits.

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