How to have a healthy sexuality all your life

Having a healthy sexuality is very easy if you have all the correct information and well advised by a doctor. In addition, this will be of great help to resolve doubts of your children if they are already entering the stage of adolescence.

A good advice for having a healthy sexuality is the use of condoms. This is basic and very important, not just in the habits of teenagers. Adults should also use it. When the passion begins, it is important to have a condom ready and before any sexual contact is started. In addition to preventing unwanted pregnancy, the condom helps protect against sexually transmitted diseases.sexuality and personal safety

Rights and healthy sexuality

Hygiene should be taken care of to the maximum. It is important to take a bath before being with your partner. In addition to providing a feeling of more pleasure, it will help keep you away from possible infections or contagion. No one said that the bathroom cannot be in couple and start with erotic play.

One important tip is not having sex on the first date. This can be a golden rule at any age and situation. Therefore, you should not have a sexual encounter in the first date with someone. You must not let yourself be led by the situation. Always be aware of being able to decide conscientiously if you really want to have this kind of physical contact.

Another tip is this: if you have been with your partner for a long time, and you both have made a decision to have sex without a condom, before agreeing to this, suggest your partner to do HIV test. The analysis should include human papillomavirus and other classes of sexually transmitted diseases. This way you can be sure that both of you are in good healt In addition you will establish the commitment to be faithful and you will maintain your life without health risks. We recommend the use of  testo ultra south africa

Tips for healthy sexuality

For the World Association for Sexual Health known by the acronym WAS, sexual health is the result of an environmental that admits, respects and protects the following rights:

The most important right is sexual freedom. Sexual freedom encompasses the possibility of full sexual expression of persons. But this is important to have a healthy sexuality. This also excludes any form of sexual exploitation and abuse in any time and situation of life. You can read more about how to improve your sexual life with supplements at:

There is also the right to autonomy, integrity and sexual security of the body. This right includes the ability to make independent decisions about one’s sexual life in the context of personal and social ethics. Also included are the ability to control and enjoy the body, free from torture, mutilation and violence of any kind.

Enjoying sexuality not only includes the rights, but also to take a number of precautions to prevent illness and psychological disorders or other problems.

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