Natural Juices for Weight Loss: How to prepare them?

There are many ways to lose weight. One of them is doing treatments, which can include pills and a series of medications. Another way is to drink natural juices for weight loss. Not only do they give us nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but they also help us burn fat and lose weight very easily, without starving ourselves.

There are many fruits and vegetables that have fat burning and slimming properties, one of which is lemon, the other is apple and celery. Other fruits such as garcinia cambogia that contain a lot of hydroxycitric acid, are highly recommended.

But it is important to know how to prepare these smoothies correctly and also take them at the indicated time.natural juice cleanse weight loss

Water with lemon for weight loss

Lemon is a fruit which is very rich in vitamin C and it is also astringent. It can be used not only as a method to prevent diseases such as colds and flu, but also as a powerful fat burner which can help us to lose weight very easily.

This is one of the most popular natural juices for weight loss and it is very easy to prepare. For this you need the following ingredients: two lemons, and a glass of mineral water without gas. What you have to do is squeeze the same ones to obtain the juice of the lemons, and later we mix the same with the mineral water. We beat well until both ingredients are well integrated.
The secret of this game is to drink it fasting, when we just get up and before each meal as it has a fat burning effect. In fasting, it allows improving the digestive system and helps to eliminate the accumulated fat in the adipose tissue. Another of the properties is that it helps to cleanse the stomach, and to detoxify the liver, and fights the problem of fatty liver.
Weight Loss Juices

Another of the natural juices for weight loss that can be prepared is the apple and celery. Both ingredients are very low in calories but they also contribute minerals and vitamin E and A. One of the properties that this juice possesses that can be drunk several times a day, since it gives a feeling of satiety and that does not contribute a great value in calories.

To prepare this apple juice what we must do is to squeeze three apples and get their juice, later liquefy with a sprig of celery, and drink it on an empty stomach.

Benefits of Natural Juices to Lose Weight

If you want to incorporate in your diet nutrients without harmful fats or sugars, these juices will help you. They will benefit you as follows:

  • They will provide you with natural nutrients and vitamins
  • Help in the detoxification process
  • Hydrate you without harmful sugars
  • Keep you satiated
  • Help you easily incorporate nutrients
  • They do not represent a great expense
  • Help in your digestion
  • Reduce your desire to eat sweet foods


You can benefit from the properties of natural juices for weight loss. They are easy to make and delicious. Accompany them with a healthy diet with lots of vegetables, cereals and lean meats.

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