Contraindications of Green Tea to take into account

Green tea has many very good properties for the general health of people, but it is also not suitable for certain people. That is why it is good to know the contraindications of green tea before you start taking it. Also do not abuse this herb as it can bring unwanted effects and can lead to bigger ailments.contraindications of green tea extract

Unwanted effect of green tea

One of the unwanted effects of green tea is stomach inflammation. Since it has some degree of acidity can cause stomach upset, which can lead to derive in a table of gastritis. That is why it is recommended to take green tea after meals, not to take it on an empty stomach and thus avoid the contraindications of green tea. It can also cause intestinal inflammation, causing swelling, gas and constipation. For this reason you never have to take it if you did not eat anything.

Having large amounts of caffeine is a very potent stimulant. There are people who react badly to this and can do damage to them. People may experience headache, nervousness, dizziness, tachycardia and nausea. This is due to excessive consumption of caffeine or teina, in this case which is same. These symptoms disappear if the person feeds well and drinks lots of water to help cleanse the body of all the green tea that was consumed.

Who cannot drink green tea?

The contraindications of green tea are important to take into account, especially in certain people. Pregnant women should not drink green tea because, being a very potent stimulant, it can damage the baby’s nervous system. Consult the doctor for any doubts.

People suffering from hypertension should also refrain from drinking green tea. Green tea promotes blood stimulation by increasing your blood pressure. That is why it is not recommended that hypertensive drink this infusion. People with high blood pressure have noticed a peak pressure after drinking more than two cups per day of green tea.

As for the contraindications of green tea in people with very low weight, it is something that should not be left out. Green tea helps in eliminating fats. This is fine when you want to lose weight. But in people with low weight is not a good thing, in fact you should avoid at all costs taking green tea because it could become dangerous.


Green tea is a healthy infusion that hardly causes health problems. And in fact, it has a significant burden on antioxidants that promote health and quality of life. Taking it is in most cases a very good idea.

However, if you have any discomfort, you may be experiencing some of the exceptional contraindications of green tea. If so, stop consuming it and to disappear and take it again. If they recur, consult a doctor.

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