Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction? Read this to know

Erectile Dysfunction is a problem that can affect a large number of men regardless of chronological age. This disease can be presented by a variety of factors ranging from the physical to the mental, it is important to know that erectile dysfunction is the Lack of ability to keep the erection enough. So the relationship is not satisfactory also need to know that many of the man open up asked, Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction? and if the problem is due to it.does jacking off cause erectile dysfunction

It is very important to know that if you suffer from erectile dysfunction should not be ashamed, they should seek medical help in order to determine what is causeĀ  of this problem is since the diagnosis is very fundamental to be able to assign an appropriate treatment to solve this problem as soon as possible. It is also necessary to make reference that many men have found solution in supplements as is the case of the widely used and effective Testoultra

Erectile dysfunction should also be taken very seriously since this problem is a cause of low self-esteem in the man and even it is cause of many divorces reason why it is fundamental that you have much confidence in your pairs and you communicate that you need medical help, Just as the partner of who suffer from erectile dysfunction must be very supportive and give them the necessary support.

Does true masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?

Before answering this question, Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction? It is necessary to know that masturbation consists of the action that consists in stimulating the sexual organs of a people or the own with the hands, by caresses, or by another means, to provide or obtain sexual pleasure

Masturbation is an act that manifests itself in both men and women, but in the majority in men; Consists in stimulating with the hands the sexual organ, this act begins to manifest from the age of the adolescence when the young people is beginning to know sexually.

It is true that masturbation begins at the age of adolescence but problem begins when the adult fails to overcome this stage creating an addiction to it, which in the end can become a dependency that ends with an erectile dysfunction.

Also when people masturbate by watching pornography for a long time this can create addiction that can exceed the limit of stimulation, the brain is desensitized and is unable to respond to simpler and normal stimulus so that every time expects a dose of excitation equal or Higher than it has had before.

According to the question asked above if you take into account the above mentioned the response is over masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction.

If you suffer from this problem you must be calm, because the problem has a solution but it implies that you stop seeing pornography for so long and abstain for a period until you manage to solve the problem completely. You also need to know that for certain types of erectile dysfunction there is a case in which men take supplement as Rx24 and remember the answer to the question Does masturbation cause erectile dysfunction?. Yes it Does.

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